Hairy Dudini



Vol. 1

by Hairy Dudini

Released 2017
Released 2017
Funky magic music with gritty guitars, soulful songs, live looping and supersonic synthesizers.
Dear Music Listener,

Hi. Its me. The Hairy Dudini. I know you are here reading this because you are a fan of music. Not just the dribble that spills out of the industry, but real....unadulterated......uncut.......raw.......people just playing the shit out of their instruments and writing cool songs and having some good fun......MUSIC!

I would like to extend an extremely enthusiastic thank you for your thirst, and your desire to hear this kind of music, so....THANK YOU!

This record is live! Not in the fact that its in front of an audience, but in the fact that all recordings were done with no fixes or overdubs (only some vocal layering, oh and that one production guitar part on one song....but that's just being nit picky come on yo!!!) Tracks include songs and improvisations from the Hairy Dudini catalog, plus jam sections collaborated and improvised with a series of special guests. The songs here on Vol. 1 flow from solo looping Dudini stuff to dueling loop collabs with double space stations, then to trio rip sessions featuring all-star rhythm section homies and back to solo synth magic.

If that all sounds good to you, I would like to thank you again to you for helping to support the real musicians out here making real, original organic music.

That said, here are the people that made this record happen:

Hairy Dudini (Josh Klein irl) (Guitars, Bass, Beatboxing, Looping, Vox, Production)
Devin Marshall (Guitar, Keys, Ableton Looping)
Zach Martin (Drums)
Max Pyle (Bass)
Wayne Alan Becker/West Wires Recording USA (Production, Tracking, Mastering)