Hairy Dudini



Hairy Dudini

Live loops, synths and sit-ins with the finest musicians. Also freaky funky guitar ripping. That's what we do here. Plain n simple.


Hairy Dudini has shared stages with The Wailers, Spafford, Antibalas, Smithereens, Tweed, Golden Gate Wingmen, Breakscience, members of The Nth Power, John Brown's Body, Freeway, G Love & Special Sauce, Lettuce, The Roots and many more.


Alright.....enough reading. Go click that music link and listen to that FIRE!


But if you must know more, here is the full story:


10 years ago, there was no Dudini. There was also not much hair. What was there was this guy, let's call him Josh. Josh had grown up with a musical background, both uncles being well-versed guitar players. By the age of 18, Josh had drawn heavily from the influences of the jazz guitar greats Wes Montgomery, Grant Green and Jim Hall as well as inspiration from rock, ska, reggae and R&B music.


Still clean-shaven and smiling, he started appearing on stages with whichever friends would show up with gear. This experience was dubbed Josh Klein and Friends, and still gets some internet jazz radio play to this day (google it!). However, showing up on stages with random groups of friends can only get a person so far, so Josh hit the studio to start writing. This is where the Dudini began to take form. It all started with an acoustic guitar, a kick drum and a little stubble. Hairy Dudini was all about finding that solution: how to put live drums, bass, guitar playing and singing plus synthesized sounds, audio manipulation and loops and roll all that into one organic sound. In the studio, it was easy. For the live show, it was a whole new monster. And so, Spaceship Dudini was designed and launched for live performance: a fully functional, road ready recording studio hooked up with our favorite looping technology. With the use of multiple instruments and our magic space station, Hairy Dudini can now show up solo, or plug friends and collaborators into the madness for a truly organic jam experience. Either way, its funky and pretty magical.


Go find Hairy Dudini tearing up a stage near you!